World Inspections,Ltd.

Understanding the restoration and preservation of your historic building

Confused about how to safely remove lead paint from old buildings? Owen Sutton is a certified expert who teaches safe lead paint removal to contractors, managers, and homeowners. Don’t be caught unaware because you can’t keep up with all the new laws. Contact us so that you don’t ever have to worry about your health and safety.

World Inspections. Ltd, previously known as Home Restoration & Remodeling of San Diego was founded to provide experienced craftsmen, that understand the Secretary of the Interior Standards when restoring or remodeling historic or vintage buildings. The knowledge of Historic preservation catapulted World Inspections Ltd. into a company that has always been cognizant of the hazards of lead-base paint and the precautions necessary for conducting construction in pre-1978 structures.  Now, we train and certify many contractors, residents, and managers in what protocol is necessary when dealing with this hazardous material.  Your project is special and we are dedicated to doing it right. We appreciate period-defining details and know quality. We pride in keeping what’s historically beautiful while repairing or reconstructing what’s broken or unsafe. Above all, our customers want to work with someone that knows historic preservation and can deliver your project on time and on budget. If you are unaware of the problems with lead-based paint, he invites you to contact him and discuss the potentials of containment.

Owen Sutton has been preserving, restoring and reconstructing historic buildings since 1991. His background in archaeology and historic preservation gives him a unique appreciation and understanding of historic places. Owen has a Masters degree in Historic Preservation, so he “walks the talk.” With over forty years of experience in construction, restoration, preservation, and archaeological investigation, both on land and underwater, he’s the contractor who can deliver your historic project. Owen is a licensed general contractor in the States of California and Washington.

Let us provide the custom solutions to your vintage or historic site’s specific problems. Learn more about our experience with restorations, remodeling, masonry/foundation work, and lead-safe classes. We look forward to working with you.